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New Year Resolutions!  

The New Year is a time for us to reflect on all the great times we have had and all the wonderful things that the New Year will bring. It is also a time to reflect on things we want to improve about ourselves and our surroundings. There is no goal too small to set for your New Year’s Resolution! Here are some of the Kidco Kitchen tips to creating (and keeping) your new year’s resolution! Set short term goals for long term results! People who break their resolutions into small, manageable chunks typically have more success. For example rather than making a resolution to save $5,000 this year, try to save $100 a week. It's almost the same amount of money (a little more actually), yet the goal is easier to keep! Make your goal about the journey, not the outcome! For example, weight loss is a common goal among us all for the holidays. Instead of focusing on losing a specific number of pounds, focus your goal on healthy eating and incorporating new nutrient dishes into your diet… the weight loss will follow! Use the Buddy System! Everything is easy when you have a teammate. For example if you have a goal to go to yoga three times a week, pair up with a friend! This allows you to mutually support and motivate each other to keep your goals. Celebrate the little victories! yoga At the Kidco Kitchen our goal is always to always provide your children with nutritious and delicious food. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a child who used to not eat fish or vegetables begin to open up to new foods! Lastly, and most importantly, don’t give up! No one is perfect and we all slip up on our goals, do not use the bumps in the road as an excuse to give up on the whole goal!


Chef Lisa Ruscica

Chief Food Ambassador

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