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Finned Frenzy

Fish is always a great way to bring your family together no matter what the season. Serving a hardy baked fish with a bread crumb topping is great for a winter by-the-fire treat, while a lightly glazed grilled fish is great for a fun summer dinner on the porch. This versatile food is not only immune to the changes in seasons, but it also has so many health benefits that are especially important in children’s development. Fish is the best natural source of omega 3s. These fatty acids are important as they are beneficial for the heart, aid in brain development and have been shown to be able to help children concentrate! The fish that have the highest omega three content are salmon, albacore tuna, and Alaskan Halibut!

While Omega 3s are fish’s nutritional claim to fame, there are so many other health benefits to fish that will give you an abundance of reasons for grabbing a fillet from your local supermarket! One of these amazing benefits that most people overlook when considering fish is the high concentration of B-12 vitamin. This vitamin is essential for the health of red blood cells and can improve cholesterol levels! The fish with the highest levels of B-12 include herring, salmon, and rainbow trout. Another reason to fix up a fish for your next family meal is because of its iron content! Swordfish is a fish with a high concentration of iron, making this fish a great way to boost you and your family’s energy levels and enhance all of your immune systems!

Kidco Kitchen realizes the importance in your child eating these nutrient rich sea dwellers, which is why we are committed to serving fish every single week. Try serving a Kidco Kitchen favourite by making your own Maple Dijon Salmon at home! Combine maple syrup, Dijon mustard, soy sauce, and some fresh herbs of your choice – check out the recipe here!

Once you know all of the health benefits associated with them, you’ll understand why we put such an emphasis on serving this not just nutrient rich food, but a food imperative for a healthy life very often!

From our kitchen to yours…… Enjoy!

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Chef Lisa Ruscica

Chief Food Ambassador

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