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Food Tips for the Office – a Kidco Kitchen Blog for the Parents

This week my Kidco Kitchen blog is going to focus on you, the parent. Usually, these blogs are focused on your children whether it be a fun activity in the kitchen or a learning opportunity. As parents, our health and nutrition is very important as well. We need to make sure we keep ourselves active and healthy so that we are 1) taking care of ourselves and 2) sending the right messages to our very impressionable children.

When you are at the office, how do you eat? Wouldn’t it be great if you had an office meal or snack you were excited to break for? Too often we can get caught up in the same routine, meal-making schedule. I’ve got a couple tips here to keep you healthy and excited for meals at the office. By just preparing beforehand, you can have the tools for great office meal or snack.


1)      Stock your desk pantry!

Having the right extras available in your desk, can make your meals from home that much tastier. I would suggest always having these close by while at the office:

-          Sea Salt

-          Vinegar

-          Olive Oil

-          Almonds

-          Tuna

-          Assorted Beans

-          Hot Sauce

-          A Loaf of a Whole-Grain Bread

The above items are great for salad dressings, snacks or just a punch in flavour. It also ensures you are skipping over the vending machines, or local cafeteria for your 3pm hunger pains. If it is possible, a Panini press at your office can transform any sandwich to an outstanding experience!


2)      Prep Ahead of Time

It’s always best to prepare beforehand when making your work meals and snacks. Mornings can be anything but calm. Mornings were usually the busiest time in my household when the children were young (and still are). It’s a juggle trying to get yourself and your children ready on-time, maybe one is off to school and the other to child care? By prepping ahead of time (weekends are my go-to prep time) you can portion out lunches for a quick grab-and-go selection in the morning.  On Sunday’s I wash my salad greens, cut up my veggies and prepare my protein for the salads I take every day to work.  The night before work, I only have to assemble the different components of my lunch - fast and easy!


3)      No-Prep Meal Ideas

Sometimes, the easiest options can make the best meals. A baguette, cheese, assorted veggies and your favourite protein topping are an easy, filling meal idea that takes little to no prep! Perfect for those mornings where you could use a couple extra minutes.


4)      Do not eat out of Disposable Containers

It’s always nice to eat off of a real plate, and better for the environment too. Keep some silverware and a plate at the office, or be sure to pack your meal in reusable containers. Rather than eating out of disposable containers, you will be keeping the environment happy by keeping trash to a minimum.


I hope these tips help make your office meals and snacks a bit more enjoyable.


Chef Lisa Ruscica

Chief Food Ambassador

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