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Fun Names for Yummy Food!

I think it is safe to say that every parent has struggled at least once with picky eating. Vegetables and “healthy foods” are often not what our kids gobble down and beg for more of. So why is it that most kids don’t think twice about taking seconds of candy and fun snacks but won’t eat their veggies? A new study has suggested that it might be as simple as their name. It seems that when healthy foods are given more appetizing and indulgent names, we like to eat them more.

The Journal of the American Medical Association published an article about how food labelling influences consumers. Many food companies take the approach of promoting health when trying to sell their products. Labels such as low fat, high fibre and all natural ingredients seem to be flooding grocery store shelves. What’s shocking is that many people may be less inclined to buy foods with these health claims because they don’t think that the food will taste delicious.

In this study, researchers labelled vegetables in one of four different ways. They found that indulgent labeling such as calling a dish “sweet sizzling green beans” versus “light low carb green beans” encouraged more takers, even when they were the exact same thing! These results may show a simple solution that could get people eating more healthy foods. Maybe producers and advertisers have to shift their focus from promoting health claims to simply giving their foods a fun name!

It’s great news that we already follow these trends at the Kidco Kitchen! Which would you eat more of: mixed steamed vegetables, or Super Sunrise Veggies? The answer is obvious! It’s a great idea to extend these findings to your home! See if the way you discuss healthy foods with your kids helps them eat more! This makes eating wholesome food less of a chore for little ones. Remember to keep your foods simple, and your food names funky!

From our kitchen to yours…… Enjoy!

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Chef Lisa Ruscica

Chief Food Ambassador

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