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Learning Through Music in the Classroom!

All children love music, but some love it more than others! My grandson Maclean is just over two, and he really really loves music. He sings and dances along to many of the Mumford and Sons songs!

mac music
So how does music fit in to our day at Kids & Company? As you know, we pride ourselves on providing a nurturing and enriched learning environment. We are committed to incorporating effective learning tools that impact your children's daily growth in a way that is meaningful to them.  We are always on the lookout for ways to enhance our students' learning experiences that also build a strong learning foundation.  I am excited to share one of our valued resources in this department:  Nancy Kopman's educational music for young children.

You will recognize Nancy if you have been to our annual family picnic at the Toronto Zoo over the last 4 years, where our families have enjoyed her unique approach to teaching through music.  This year, I personally had the pleasure of enjoying Nancy's musical performance with both of my grandsons; they were captivated throughout her performance.  An ECE and experienced classroom teacher herself, Nancy has been running her interactive musical instruction business, "Music With Nancy" for 15 years in Toronto.

What I like about Nancy is that she reflects the values and teaching style that I am so proud of at Kids & Company.  She has a few lovely self-esteem-building songs, her music is catchy, easy to learn, appealing to kids and adults, and, most importantly, a lesson is crafted into each one of her songs.  I particularly enjoy her songs that teach specific information (the names of the planets, the continents and oceans, the vowels, the provinces and territories in Canada).

See for yourself how well Nancy's music works--take a look at her "Animals" video that simply teaches babies and toddlers how known patterns can work together to create a bigger idea:

I am thrilled to announce that Kids & Company will be incorporating Nancy's music into each of our centres across Canada.  Your children will be effortlessly singing her songs and practicing the information within the songs...and I know you will enjoy it as much as my grandson Maclean does!

You can listen to Nancy's music on iTunes here:, or watch more of her videos on her YouTube channel, "Music With Nancy"
You can find Nancy's blog/website at or  She is also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as "Music With Nancy".


Victoria Sopik, CEO

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