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Sibling Harmony

I grew up in the family of three girls where sibling rivalry was always very  prevalent. In fact as adults I would say in certain circumstances  the sibling rivalry is still there!  Being the youngest of the three I often felt the need to  be careful of what I did and said so as to not upset my siblings.

I vowed when I had children that they would be the best of friends and would be each other's biggest fans.

Now that I am the mother of three young children I am happy to say that for the most part this is true. Of course there are days where the kids get along better than other days and spending so much time together can sometimes lead to too much sweating the small stuff.

Nothing makes me feel happier or more proud than when my kids are caring for and looking out for each other even when mom and dad are around. For instance,  last week the three were playing outside with her neighbourhood friends when my youngest fell and ended up with a bloody nose. My middle child came running in the house to get a cold cloth and kleenex while my oldest held the youngest in her lap hugging him while he cried. I went out to help and they said "No mom we've got it!"  Five minutes later they were all playing happily again.

However I achieved this? I think for sure part of it is the personality of each of my children though I also would like to think that it  is in part because of the conversations we have on a daily basis. Though not always possible, we always strive to sit down as a family for supper at least 4 to 5 times a week. During this time we always ask how each other's day was and encourage story sharing with each other. I use these stories is ways to teach empathy as a cornerstone of our family's interactions.

As the children get older and start having their own extracurricular activities we always make a point of making sure the children go to each other's games and support one another in their achievements.

I think the best thing to do when your children are young and your family is expanding is to be mindful and mirror the relationships you want your children to have with their siblings. By starting young we can set them up to have a lifetime of support and friendship beyond the family ties.

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