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Summertime Fun with your Kiddos!

Summer is here and I am sure, like myself, many of you are planning what the summer is going to look like, both with camps and vacation time with the children! Here are some tips and tricks to make this summer fun and relaxing for everyone, regardless of how old your little ones are!

Planning on heading out on vacation with infants and toddlers? Young ones can get anxious or fussy when they're out of their routines, such as meal times and familiar foods, naps, and their surroundings. If your child is with a nanny or in daycare, be sure to know what their general routine is so that you can try to stick as closely to it during vacation, especially the first several days. Be sure to bring familiar and favourite toys along too! This will help in transitioning to a less structured routine that vacation typically offers.

Going on a road trip and dreading the extended time in the car with your kids asking “Are we there yet?” Hit the dollar store and buy a small item for every hour you will be in the car together. At the top of the hour give your kids one of the items. This will keep them busy for a bit and they will look forward to the next hour!

Have your older children be involved with planning the trip ahead of time, such as what clothes to pack and what snacks to bring. Kids love lists they can tick off as you go! Once in the car, give them a laminated map and let them follow along on your progress.


Sending your children to summer camps? Here are some things to consider when picking a day camp for your children.

• What are the hours of the camp? Many go from 9am to 3pm and there may be extra costs for extended care

• Where is the camp located?  Talk to your neighbors and friends who live close to you – see if there are opportunities to carpool.

• What qualifications do staff have and what safety parameters are in place when there are scheduled outings?

• Are meals and snacks provided? If not what procedure do they have in place to support a child that may have food allergies?



Tasha Richard lives in Halifax, NS with her husband Greg, daughter Ciara and two sons Luc and Nigel and two dogs. She is the Director of Marketing and Operations for Eastern Canada and has a particular passion for supporting professional moms along their professional journey. You can find her @momcafenetwork or



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