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Chitty Chitty Squashy Chili

Fall is finally here, which means we can bring back our fall favourite dishes to our menu. Who doesn’t love a good chili? This fall, we’ve adapted our Kidco Kitchen Chili recipe into a vegetarian meal, substituting kidney and pinto beans for turkey and adding butternut squash.  To keep your squash fresher for longer, store at a temperature between 50 to 55F in an area with good ventilation. If you are using butternut squash, choose blemish-free squash with hard, dull skins which has at least an inch of stem intact. Bay leaves add great flavour to this dish, but don’t forget to take them out before serving! Even after stewing in the dish for hours, the leaves are too hard and bitter to eat!

If you’re feeling adventurous, try using spaghetti squash in your chili for a meatier texture. Spaghetti squash is stringy and creates a different consistency to the chili while maintaining its tasty flavour. After baking in the oven, use a fork to gently pull the squash flesh from the peel and to separate the flesh into strands.

We are so happy to share our featured fall recipe with you to make at home to enjoy with your family and friends.  If you are feeling adventurous you can always add lots of fun toppings on your chili, like shredded cheese, diced avocado or sour cream.  For our Kidco Kitchen to yours……………enjoy!


Kidco Kitchen Chitty Chitty Squashy Chili

*Makes 6 portions


What you need:

-        1 Tbsp Veggie Oil

-        ½ Cup Diced Onion

-        1 Tbsp Garlic, Minced

-        ½ Cup Diced Celery

-        ½ Cup Diced Carrot

-        ½ Cup Diced Tomato

-        1 Cup Tomato Sauce

-        2 Tbsp Chili Powder

-        1 Bay Leaf

-        1 Cup Kidney Beans

-        1 Cup Pinto Beans

-        1 Cup Diced Squash


What to do:

  1. Make sure to wash your hands before you begin.
  2. Heat oil in a large pot. Add onions and garlic, and sauté until translucent.
  3. Add squash, celery, carrots, diced tomato, tomato sauce, chili powder, bay leaf, and beans. Bring to a boil.
  4. Let simmer for 30 minutes.


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Chef Lisa Ruscica

Chief Food Ambassador

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