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Its summertime and that means camping time. Getting away from it all and being with friends and family in the woods is some of the much needed TLC we can now enjoy with this outdoor friendly weather. What isn’t as clear cut as the blue sky and hot temperatures is what you should bring with you on your outdoor adventure!


A healthy twist on a kids favourite that is so easy to make, even when out in the woods, is the popular taco! Try making this kid friendly meal that will take you at most 30 minutes! You’ll need:  ground turkey, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, diced avocados, salsa, and fresh cilantro to garnish tied up in a whole wheat wrap! First cook up your ground turkey over the fire. Once cooked, portion the turkey between the tortillas, add all desired toppings and you’ve got a fun and delicious lunch!

Pizza pockets are another camping friendly meal the kids will love! You’ll need some whole wheat pitas, tomato sauce, grated cheese, and whatever other pizza toppings you and your children enjoy! This is an easy meal that even your kiddos could make on their own! Just cut the pitas in half, scoop in the tomato sauce and the other ingredients, wrap it in some tin foil, use tongs to hold it over the fire to toast it and voila! You'll have a dinner that is gooey, delicious, healthy, and prepared in just 3 easy steps!

Have the kids cook blueberry orange muffins for breakfast on the campfire! Cut an orange in half and separate the two slices of the peel from the orange flesh. Then put the batter into the empty peel, surround it with tin foil and literally toss them in the fire…….so yummy!!!!!

Make sure to keep fire safety in mind while cooking these yummy outdoor creations!

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Chef Lisa Ruscica

Chief Food Ambassador

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