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Halloween Fun from Victoria!

When my children were younger, Halloween was one of their most anticipated holidays. From carving pumpkins, to making costumes and painting faces, we always had a fantastic time. Come Halloween night, I would usually volunteer to stay home with the youngest and hand out candy to the adorable trick-or-treaters, and my husband would take my brood around the neighbourhood to fill their pillowcases with treats. As much as my kids loved candy, I did my best to ensure that they did not overload on sugar. After they returned with their loot, we would sort through the piles to make sure everything was safe to eat. I would usually allow my kids to indulge on that first night, and their consumption was much more controlled in the days to follow.

I'm not the most creative mom and wasn't able to sew, make or even dream up creative costume ideas. I was lucky enough to have a few wonderful friends who would pass along their gently used costumes for my little ones to wear. A few easy options that we did over the years were a pink sleeper with a cotton ball as a bunny tail, bunny ears (construction paper on a headband) and whiskers painted on their face, a hockey player (so easy, you just put the majority of their equipment on!), dress them up in all brown clothes, paint a lion face on them and gel their hair so it sticks out like a mane. There are endless possibilities and things to use at home which makes the whole costume experience a bit easier!

Now that my children are older, we look forward to answering the door to all of the bundled-up kiddies in costume! Do you take your kids trick-or-treating? What are your favourite Halloween activities or costume ideas?