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Travel Tips with Kids

So you’re heading out of town for the holidays this year and you’re thinking to yourself, is it too late to just bunker down at home and revisit the idea of traveling with the little one(s) next year? That’s crazy, the holidays are about friends and family and you want to be close to yours!

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As we find ourselves fully immersed in this said, “Holiday Season” with Halloween behind us the next pile of holidays officially upon us it’s helpful to read up now and determine what your family will need to use when traveling.

At any age I can tell you it’s so helpful to find out what your destination has to offer. If you’re staying with friends or family, ask what they have (or can borrow on your behalf) before you start packing. Things like portable cribs, baby blankets, shower essentials for you and the children are common to track down without having to bring them yourself.  Why bring them, especially when many airlines charge you for checked items, when you can borrow them. Also, one of my favorite questions to ask is whether the destination has a washer and dryer. You can dramatically cut down on luggage if you know you can wash and re-use items.

Start a “pile” of things that aren’t entirely common for you and keep adding to it as you get closer to your vacation. An example in our house, the First Aid bag. It includes anything from diaper rash cream to tweezers incase we get carried away at the park and get a splinter. Items that you would find yourself scrambling around for at 2am if you didn’t just bring incase of an emergency.

The last piece of advice I would share is to communicate with the others you’ll be celebrating with. If there are other parents coming discuss what items you’re bringing and support each other. You can probably get away with bringing a smaller collection of toys if each of you brings something different and exciting to share. It makes it an adventure for the kids, too.

Here’s a guide, broken out by age, of traveling tips for parents to reference when getting ready to leave town for any occasion. Click here to view the guide.



Jackie Kardesh lives in Chicago, IL with her husband Eric, children and three dogs. She is the Director of Marketing and Operations for our U.S. branch with a passion for children’s health and wellness.
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