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Beat the January Blues!

Have you heard of Blue Monday? If you haven’t, Blue Monday was this past Monday, January 20. According to some experts and some sort of mathematical equation, that date is the most depressing date of the calendar year. While we can’t say this claim is entirely correct — as we don’t have the capacity to… [read more]

How to snack in 2020!

Snacks are a hugely important factor in healthy eating for you and your family. You can eat a perfectly healthy smoothie for breakfast, a delicious whole-grain sandwich for lunch and a perfectly balanced dinner of protein, carbohydrates and fat. But then it seemingly falls apart when the snack drawer is opened after dinner — chips,… [read more]

How to Stop Toddlers from Biting

At Kids & Company, January is our Parenting Hacks month. Our goal is to use our wonderful community of parents and parenting experts to share their wealth of knowledge and experiences.  Today, Julie Freedman Smith and Gail Bell of Parenting Power™,  have given us some tools to deal with toddlers that are biting! Let’s get… [read more]

It’s Resolution Time! Happy 2020

Let me start by wishing you all a Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time ringing in the new year with your friends and family — I sure did! The start of a brand new year (and decade!) is associated with new beginnings. With new beginnings comes the tendency to reflect… [read more]

New Year’s with the Kiddies!

Years ago (before children) New Year’s was about sparkly dresses and fancy dinners! Now, it’s about having a memorable time with my family. Over the years, I have learned a thing or two about throwing an amazing New Year’s Party that the whole family will enjoy. Here are my top takeaway party tips!  Timing is… [read more]

Winter is Here! Kidco Kitchen’s Winter Menu Launch

WINTER IS COMING – which means that Kidco Kitchen’s Winter menu is launching soon! While the weather may be unpredictable, the Kidco Kitchen is always there to bring both familiarity and new dishes to the table! Either way, we guarantee that this yummy menu will continue to warm hearts and fill bellies all across the… [read more]

Keep Warm with this Winter Soup!

There is something just perfect about warming up with a bowl of soup on a cold winter day. With so much versatility, there is no way you can’t love soup! All of the winter vegetables in season make for some flavourful seasonal options that can’t be beat!  There is a reason that soup has been… [read more]

Boomerang Employees in Today’s Workforce

Boomerang employees are on the rise. “What’s a boomerang employee?” you ask. Well, a boomerang employee is an employee who leaves the company they work for, but then later returns to work there once again. Boomerang employees can take back their previous position, get a promotion, or start in a new department altogether. In the… [read more]

Shopping Day is Just Around the Corner!

Did someone say retail therapy?? We are celebrating Shopping Day on Saturday, December 7 nationally so that you can have a wonderful day focused on getting ready for the holidays, while we look after your little ones. Once the gift-giving is sorted out it is time focus on my favourite part of any celebration…the food!… [read more]

What’s the scoop on fats?

When you hear the word fat, you may not think twice: eat less of them or none of them at all. Maybe you’ve heard the term “healthy fat” or the ever so common phrase, “good in moderation.” So, what’s the scoop on fats? Well, it’s true, there are such things as healthy fats and like… [read more]