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Montessori Learning at Home: The Montessori Box!

The Montessori Box was created by one of Kids & Company’s amazing partners, Dupe Akinniyi! The Montessori Box is a curated box company that provides eco-friendly toys and Montessori materials for a range of developmental stages. Each Montessori box will provide a foundation for the growth and autonomy of your child, allow your child to… [read more]

How to Build Resilience in Kids — It’s Easier Than You Think

Written by Deborah Brooks, Co-Founder of My Puffin Inc. I often hear the word resilience as an essential skill that every child needs. So how do we give our kids resilience to survive in this world? I have a few solid recommendations that are easy to implement — dare I say fun.   But first, what… [read more]

Meet the Family: Taking a Stand Against Bullying

To celebrate this year’s Pink Shirt Day, one of our Kids & Company families took a creative stance against bullying. Jaxsen (a preschooler at our Richmond, BC centre) and his Dad, Lito, had the idea to design and distribute pink shirts to his classmates in honour of this day, bringing awareness to anti-bullying initiatives. Pink… [read more]

Navigating Toddlerhood

Toddlers are born boundary-pushers, not that this is a bad thing! It is a part of their natural development and the way they learn. Although this is true, they LOVE structure and routine. They love being able to predict what comes next and to take part in decision making. When their routine shifts or isn’t… [read more]

Unique Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve been thinking about ways to make this year’s celebration feel special. With the various stay-at-home orders, lockdowns and restrictions on indoor dining — this year we may need to be a little more creative!  CONTEST ALERT: If you capture any photos of your fun Valentine’s activities, you… [read more]

Tips for Choosing Child Care

By Kids & Company Choosing child care for your family is a very important decision. You want to find a safe, healthy environment that supports the social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development of your children. You also want an option that works well for your family’s schedule and needs. We have taken our years… [read more]

Sensory Play: What It Is and Easy Sensory Ideas for at Home

We talk about sensory play at Kids & Company all the time. You might see our sensory bins and water tables in use in the classrooms, at standing height for a child to easily explore different textures and objects and their behaviour. Or tactile tools and toys on low shelves for children to be able… [read more]

5 Ways to Take Better Photos of Your Kids

Article was written by Lucy Roberts exclusively for Parents always want more quality photos of their kids. But a lot of the time it can be hard to capture the perfect shots, and in recent times this has only become a bigger issue. Granted, people have faced far bigger problems of late, and we… [read more]

These Resources Will Make You a More Effective Parent at Every Stage

By Kristin Louis Photo via Rawpixel Children grow and develop so fast that parents can have a hard time keeping up. At the same time, you are constantly learning and growing as a parent, too. These resources can make things easier, and help you parent more effectively, at every stage of development. Kids & Company… [read more]

The Biggest Sleep Issues during the Holidays & How to Fix Them!

By WeeSleep HQ The holidays are almost here! That means (possible COVID friendly) visits to and from friends and family, sugary goodies, late nights, and … very tired babies and toddlers! Often, we get so caught up in the whirlwind of the holiday season that we take our little ones’ sleep for granted. More than… [read more]