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The Benefits of Eating Together as a Family

With any family, whether big or small, it can be a challenge to plan and enjoy a family meal together. Work commitments, sporting events, and school schedules typically keep most families from enjoying this valuable family time together. However, research shows that children who have meals with their families are more likely to be healthy… [read more]

WeeSleep’s Holiday Sleep Guide

Written for Kids & Company by WeeSleep Happy Holidays to all! For my family, the holidays include a lot of late nights, visiting family and friends, travelling, overeating, and enjoying holiday drinks and treats (lots of sugar!!) Do your children get overtired and cranky this time of year? Do all of the holiday commitments cause… [read more]

What is STEM Learning and Why is it Important?

At Kids & Company, we focus on teaching our children using the Emergent Curriculum philosophy — teaching that focuses on being responsive to children’s interests to create meaningful learning experiences. Emergent Curriculum is our foundation, and one of the ways we teach this is by implementing STEM learning. We call it STREAM because we also… [read more]

A Not So Scary, But Helpful, Halloween Story

The weather is cooling down, the jack-o’-lanterns are out, and Halloween is quickly approaching. That means it’s time to throw a costume together, either for yourself or your children. Putting together a Halloween costume for young children can be stressful. Below you will find a personal story from Janet Winkler at Hacking Sophia that encapsulates… [read more]

Tips for Hosting like a Pro

  It’s never too early to start planning for the holiday season, and if you’re like me, organization is your best friend. Sometimes, it feels like the second I’m done hosting for one occasion, I’m on to planning the next. I have a few tips and tricks that I have acquired over the years from… [read more]

5 Ways to Encourage Our Children to Say Please and Thank You

Teaching the basics of good manners can be a tricky and difficult job with children. It can feel like no matter how many times you encourage them, it just doesn’t stick. We believe teaching kids to say please and thank you is very important because it shows the people we are interacting with that we… [read more]

Creating “Yes Spaces” for Children

  Kids & Company’s partner, Lyzabeth Lopez, posted a thought-provoking Instagram post the other day. She recounted the days before she had her son, Tyson, when she had pretty things on her coffee table: coffee table books, candles, and fancy glass trays. When he was around 12 months old and grabbing everything in sight, she… [read more]

Fall 2021 – Winter 2022 New Menu Launch

We are truly leafing the past behind us as we fall into our new Fall-Winter menu! You heard me – Our FALL 2021 – WINTER 2022 menu. For the first time ever, the Kidco Kitchen menus will be running semi-annually as opposed to quarterly, which means this menu will be ongoing until the end of… [read more]

Finding the Best Toys and Furnishings for Sensory Children

I didn’t think my youngest was overly sensitive to physical things. Surely, he was just being picky or wanting more attention. But he was my only child who complained about shirt tags, cried if I put him in footed sleepers, and very quickly became attached to certain blankets refusing to use other perfectly good blankets…. [read more]

Food Tips for Parents – Eating Healthy at Home or in the Office

Covid-19 has certainly changed the workplace for many, with no indication whether things will ever go back to our pre-pandemic “normal.” While some people have made the switch to remote working, there are some people who are slowly returning to the office. Regardless of what our workplace looks like, our health and nutrition is still… [read more]