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Kidco Kitchen: Check out our website!

Have you checked out our Kidco Kitchen website? This hidden gem is full of useful information ranging from Kidco Kitchen recipes to our Nutrition Curriculum! It’s got all the answers to your burning questions, such as: What is my child eating today? What is my child eating tomorrow? How can I recreate your recipes at… [read more]

How to Emotionally Support Your Kids through the COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions to our daily lives. But through all the mess, children tend to be overlooked, the very people who are feeling these changes the most. During this trying time, kids can feel stressed and anxious, causing their hormones to wreak havoc on their bodies and… [read more]

New Ways to Winter with Covid

Thanksgiving is one of our favourite times of year. We don’t have a huge amount of traditions or festivities, but we do like to gather with family and enjoy a relaxed weekend together. My in-laws host a delicious turkey dinner and we celebrate a lot of October birthdays on both sides of the family. This… [read more]

Four Kids in a Pandemic

It’s been a real ride. Parents, we are creeping towards a full year of existing during a global pandemic. How are you? Really — how are you? I wanted to share a piece of our story and highlight one of the unexpected outcomes of COVID-19 for our family. The shock of it all has worn… [read more]

Preparing For Your Kid’s College Tuition

If you’re a parent with a young child, and you’re already concerned about university tuition down the road, you’re not alone. This is a worry many parents share from day one, and unfortunately concerns only seem to be growing. The idea of paying for school amid Covid-19 (or its aftermath) has led to spikes in… [read more]

Building a More Eco-Friendly and Ethical Kids Wardrobe

Kids & Company has partnered with Monica Munguia Samperio, founder of Pingo Apparel, to provide families with some insight on building an eco-friendly and ethical wardrobe for your little one (and yourself!). Pingo Apparel is a mom-owned online clothing boutique from Canada that has curated a fashionable collection of ethically made clothing for kids and… [read more]

How to Get Your Little One to Wear a Mask

As you know, since COVID-19 emerged, mask-wearing has become increasingly common. Some regions have been recommending the use of masks when physical distancing is not possible, and other areas are formally mandating mask use in public indoor spaces such as grocery stores and public transportation. Parents everywhere have been left with the question, how am… [read more]

Dr. Dina: Tips for Preparing Your Child for their Return to Child Care

Since facing this global pandemic, there have been major adjustments to almost every aspect of our lives. As things begin to return to some normalcy, many parents have been asking us how this “new normal” may impact their child when returning to care. We want to give our families the tools and confidence they need… [read more]

Babbly Interview: Analyzing Speech Development and Language Milestones

Some of the common questions we hear from parents who are home with children due to COVID-19 are around speech development and language milestones. To provide some guidance, we partnered up with Babbly – a startup focused on empowering parents through technology to assess and support their child’s speech development. Co-founder and CEO Maryam Nabavi… [read more]

Preschoolers and Screens

As you are likely spending more time at home with your children, you may be finding it hard to keep their screen time to the desired amount. Our friends at Parenting Power are sharing their advice on preschoolers and screens below!  “Excessive screen time linked to preschool learning delays.” As Heath McCoy mentions in UToday: “One… [read more]