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Five Simple Ways to Teach Children to Conserve Water

World Water Day (celebrated on March 22) is fast-approaching, and this year’s theme is “Water for Peace.” We don’t often recognize water can both help establish peace and be a catalyst for conflict. Our health, food, environment, economy and energy systems rely on a fair, functioning water cycle, and with climate change and population growth… [read more]

The Power of Earth Hour

Started in Sydney, Australia, in 2007 by the World Wide Fund for Nature, Earth Hour has grown into a worldwide event observed in over 190 countries and territories.  March 23rd is the day we are all encouraged to participate in Earth Hour. At 8:30 PM local time, it’s time to switch off your lights as… [read more]

3 Benefits of Family-Style Dining and Why You Should Practice it at Home

March is Nutrition Month and to celebrate, Chef Lisa Ruscica, VP of Culinary Operations and Chief Food Ambassador at Kids & Company shares her thoughts on the benefits of implementing family-style dining at home. We practice family-style dining at a majority of our child care locations and we see our children reap the benefits Chef… [read more]

Preparing Your Child for Spring Forward: Navigating Daylight-Saving Time Like a Pro

This blog is written by our guest author, Alana Metallo, Certified Sleep Consultant from MetaSleep Consulting. MetaSleep helps families navigate sleep and live a well-rested lifestyle. Through consultation, they educate, guide, and support families about the benefits of healthy sleep, and help parents create a customized sleep routine for their children’s naps and bedtime.  Ah,… [read more]

Tips for Stress-Free Travel with Children!

March/Spring Break is a highly anticipated time of year for families, especially those with school-age children who get to have a whole week off. It is offering the perfect opportunity to go on adventures and make memories together. Whether you’re planning a sunny beach getaway, a ski trip, or an exciting city escape, traveling with… [read more]

Finding Balance Between Gift Giving and Acts of Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is often associated with extravagant gifts and romantic gestures, but at its core, it’s about celebrating love in all its forms. In this blog, we’ll explore how to strike a balance between gift-giving and emphasizing the true essence of Valentine’s Day – love, friendship, and family. A Short History of Valentine’s Day Valentine’s… [read more]

Crafting Eco-Friendly Love with Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is often criticized for its commercialism, but you don’t have to ask us twice to embrace a holiday dedicated to showing our loved ones extra attention,  (while keeping Mother Nature’s heart in mind). It’s the perfect day to teach kindness and empathy, and have fun making new family traditions.  We’ve put a sustainable… [read more]

Tips to Foster a Love of Reading & Cultivate Early Literacy Skills

This blog was exclusively written for Kids & Company by Dr. Cassandra Chapman. Dr. Chapman holds a PhD in Cognitive Science of Language and is the Halton & Peel regions Campus Headmaster and an experienced instructor at Brain Power Enrichment Programs. She has experience mentoring high-potential learners, leading them to achieve their full academic potential…. [read more]

Celebrating Black History Month Through Children’s Books

Black History Month is a time to honor and celebrate the achievements, contributions, and heritage of Black Americans and Canadians. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to engage our children in learning about diversity, inclusion, and the contributions of black individuals throughout history. Diversity is a core Kidco value, and in this blog, we’ll explore children’s… [read more]

“Inspire Your Heart with Art Day”: Encourage Your Child’s Inner Artist

Art has a wonderful way of fostering creativity, stirring emotions and touching the hearts of all ages. “Inspire Your Heart with Art Day” on January 31st, honors the way art can have a positive impact on our lives, and in this blog, we share some art activities designed to encourage young children to express themselves… [read more]