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How to Get Your Little One to Wear a Mask

As you know, since COVID-19 emerged, mask-wearing has become increasingly common. Some regions have been recommending the use of masks when physical distancing is not possible, and other areas are formally mandating mask use in public indoor spaces such as grocery stores and public transportation. Parents everywhere have been left with the question, how am… [read more]

Dr. Dina: Tips for Preparing Your Child for their Return to Child Care

Since facing this global pandemic, there have been major adjustments to almost every aspect of our lives. As things begin to return to some normalcy, many parents have been asking us how this “new normal” may impact their child when returning to care. We want to give our families the tools and confidence they need… [read more]

Babbly Interview: Analyzing Speech Development and Language Milestones

Some of the common questions we hear from parents who are home with children due to COVID-19 are around speech development and language milestones. To provide some guidance, we partnered up with Babbly – a startup focused on empowering parents through technology to assess and support their child’s speech development. Co-founder and CEO Maryam Nabavi… [read more]

Preschoolers and Screens

As you are likely spending more time at home with your children, you may be finding it hard to keep their screen time to the desired amount. Our friends at Parenting Power are sharing their advice on preschoolers and screens below!  “Excessive screen time linked to preschool learning delays.” As Heath McCoy mentions in UToday: “One… [read more]

Five Ways To Handle Disrupted Sleep Patterns for Toddlers During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every area of our lives, and our toddlers’ sleep patterns are no exception. For so many, daily schedules have changed, and the routines that toddlers thrive on are in many cases disrupted. The open-ended day which involves being at home for hours on end really can throw little ones’ sleep… [read more]

Virtual Playdate Tips and Tricks

Virtual playdates are a great way for young ones to stay connected and continue their social development even in the face of self-isolation and distancing. Depending on the age of your child, it also gives parents a breather and some structure to the day. Platforms like FaceTime and Google Hangouts are free, easy-to-use, can include… [read more]

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Kids

March 8th is a very special day — it may not be as celebrated as some other occasions, but it’s an equally important day dedicated to honouring all of the strong, powerful women in your life. This year, why not put in some extra effort to make this day as special as possible? All of… [read more]

A Parent Just Trying to Bring the Fun Back

When we first had a baby – seven years and three more children ago – I don’t think I really understood the baby was going to become a real person. Separate from me and complete with a personality and agenda and unique way of living life. When I look at our oldest boys, playing sports… [read more]

All About Avocados

One thing we know, Avocados are here to stay. Unlike some superfoods that while indeed super, are super hard to find, (I’m looking at you – Aronia Berries) avocados can be found at most local grocery stores. They’re incredibly popular due to their great flavour and rich, creamy texture. Avocados have a total of 20… [read more]

Build a Stronger Relationship with your Kids

At Kids & Company, February’s theme is relationships! Our goal is to use our wonderful community of parents and parenting experts to share their wealth of knowledge and experiences.  Today, Julie Freedman Smith and Gail Bell of Parenting Power™,  have given us some insight on ways to strengthen your relationship with your kids! Here’s what… [read more]