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Handling Temper Tantrums

Let’s face it – Temper tantrums are bound to happen. Funny thing is, before I became a parent, I used to think only “spoiled kids” threw temper tantrums – boy was I wrong! Temper tantrums happen with any child and being spoiled has nothing to do with it! Truth be told, I’ve accepted the reality… [read more]

Five Rings of Olympic Glory!

What is more exciting then settling in with your family to watch the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang County, South Korea? The two events, curling mixed doubles tournament and the men’s hill ski jumping competition started their preliminary rounds on the 8th of February. The amazing opening ceremony took place one day later with the… [read more]

Who Is Your Valentine?

The origin of Valentine’s Day remains a mystery to this day, with many different stories circulating around the internet on where this lovey-dovey holiday came from. Most people think Valentine’s Day is just a holiday created by greeting card companies, however Valentine’s Day dates back to the 14th century when famous poets like Geoffrey Chaucer… [read more]

Family Fun Day!

The much-needed February long weekend is almost here! This long weekend is particularly special because it is meant as a time to devote your attention to the loved ones that you often only see for dinner after a long tiring work day. Here at Kids & Company we realize how busy our parents are, so… [read more]

The Sandwich Generation: Managing Children and Aging Loved Ones at the Same Time

Having family in your life, especially an extended family, can be a blessing. Many of us rely on the help of our parents, grandparents, and in-laws, to help us with baby-sitting, to support us through tough times, and to offer guidance and love when we need it the most. What happens though, when we are… [read more]

Food Hacks for Parents!

Parenting seems to be most successful when a few tricks and life hacks are added into the equation – whether it’s how to get the kids ready in the morning, get them to do their homework, or even how to get them to eat. Children’s diets are often either a hit or a miss –… [read more]

Kool Korean Beef!

Kool Korean Beef is one our kiddies’ favourite Asian inspired meals that debuted in Fall of 2017. It’s sweet and rich in flavours that are leaving your kiddies asking for more! It’s the perfect comfort food that will warm your family right up during this cold, rainy weather! Kool Korean Beef *makes 6 servings What… [read more]

Winter Fun!

The roofs and ground are finally a beautiful, fluffy white and everyone is ready for the start of a new year. What better way to start off 2018 then by having some winter fun with the kiddies! There are so many fun things to do with your family in the winter time, so this winter… [read more]

How to Get Vitamin D in the Winter!

Vitamin D is extremely important for our kiddies as it is essential for bone health and also helps to protect against those dreadful winter flus. The most common and easy access to your daily vitamin D is through sunlight. Most parents believe that drinking milk and playing outside regularly will allow their children to absorb… [read more]

Why Kids & Company: A Parent’s Perspective

My name is Megan and my son has been attending the Victoria Uptown Kids & Company location in BC for the past three years. Kids & Company has been an amazing resource for my family and I can always rely on them to go and above and beyond in the care provided to my son…. [read more]