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Understanding how children at different ages learn

My name is Sarah Pumphrey and I’ve been working with children in their early years for the past 13 years.  I worked overseas as a teacher in England and China then continued my career in the childcare sector here in Toronto.  While working at Kids & Company, I’ve worked as a Preschool ECE, Assistant Director,… [read more]

Are You Feeling The Luck Of The Irish?

This month we are so excited to offer your school aged kiddies tons of fun programs including on site activities during March break! The days are filled with amazing activities including yummy snacks and lunch made by our Kidco Kitchen. Check our website under the programs section to find what’s going on in your area!… [read more]

Kidco Kitchen Nutrition Curriculum

It is March, our favourite month of the year because March is NUTRITION MONTH!  Here at the Kidco Kitchen we are proud that we have put in a tremendous amount of effort creating a healthy and nutritious curriculum for your kids, executed weekly by our fantastic ECE’s! We strongly believe that children who have a… [read more]

Feature Recipe: Chickpea Curry Champion

Chickpeas are a nutrient dense food providing rich content of protein, dietary fibre, folate, and certain dietary minerals such as iron and phosphorus. This versatile powerhouse traces its name through history to the French or the garbanzo bean directly from the Spanish. It is a worldwide economical staple alternative protein used in many different applications…. [read more]

Exciting research in allergy prevention & early dietary exposure

As parents, there is nothing more important than the safety of our children.  Over time there has been a steady increase in the numbers of children with serious food allergies, which has led to a greater focus and attention from the medical community.  Recently on CBC radio, a guest speaker, Dr. Adelle Atkinson, an allergist… [read more]

Who is Your Valentine?

The origin of Valentine’s Day remains a mystery to this day, with many different stories circulating around the internet on where this lovey-dovey holiday came from. Most people think Valentine’s Day is just a holiday created by greeting card companies, however Valentine’s Day dates back to the 14th century when famous poets like Geoffrey Chaucer… [read more]

Family Fun Day!

The much-needed February long weekend is almost here! This long weekend is particularly special because it is meant as a time to devote your attention to the loved ones that you often only see for dinner after a long tiring work day. Here at Kids & Company we realize how busy our parents are, so… [read more]

The Importance of Family

I am the oldest of three children. Growing up, I was lucky to be constantly surrounded by family. I spent my summers at the cottage with my cousins and had dinner at the table with my family almost every night of my childhood. With Family Day coming up this weekend, you might find yourself reflecting… [read more]

Kindergarten: preparing for September

As we move through the new year, there any many families with a little one getting ready to go into kindergarten for the first time in September. At this stage parents are thinking through logistics, registration and possibly childcare and daycare options to work around their kindergarten program. But there is another side to kindergarten… [read more]

Music Education: Important for Intellectual AND Emotional Development

As parents and educators, we are hearing more and more that incorporating music into early learning stimulates intellectual development. Teachers often use songs as a means to harness children’s attention, whether they are singing instructions, leading group movement, teaching specific information using a familiar tune or setting the “classroom climate” with soothing/upbeat background music. It’s… [read more]