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Shopping Day is Just Around the Corner!

Did someone say retail therapy?? We are celebrating Shopping Day on Saturday, December 7 nationally so that you can have a wonderful day focused on getting ready for the holidays, while we look after your little ones. Once the gift-giving is sorted out it is time focus on my favourite part of any celebration…the food!… [read more]

What’s the scoop on fats?

When you hear the word fat, you may not think twice: eat less of them or none of them at all. Maybe you’ve heard the term “healthy fat” or the ever so common phrase, “good in moderation.” So, what’s the scoop on fats? Well, it’s true, there are such things as healthy fats and like… [read more]

Tips to Support Your Child This Holiday Season

Bio: Sylvia Corzato is a Parent Consultant and Behaviour Coach as well as the founder of Success in Steps. Success in Steps helps overwhelmed and frustrated parents spend less time on challenges and behaviours and more time enjoying their family. Sylvia founded Success in Steps in 2016 in response to a growing need for a tailored… [read more]

Should you jump on the Meatless Monday trend?

You’ve probably heard the hype about Meatless Monday. It has been highly talked about since its inception in 2003. How did it start? you ask. It was born as a global initiative, first launching in 2003. The messaging of Meatless Monday is simple; once a week, cut meat out of all your daily meals and… [read more]

How to Get Vitamin D in the Winter

Once the winter weather and dark afternoons start to become a regular occurrence, fear sets in. How am I supposed to get any vitamin D if it’s too cold to go outside AND there are limited sunlight hours each day?? Not to worry! I am here with the answers. Let’s start with the basics. What… [read more]

Creepy Crudité Contest Winner!

Another year, another successful Creepy Crudité contest! Last week, throughout all of our locations, the kiddies celebrated Halloween by creating edible masterpieces with veggies and pita. This year’s submissions were the most creative and scariest ones yet!!! To view all of the Creepy Crudité photos click here to see the album on Facebook. Every year… [read more]

How Not to Get Sick

We asked Dr. Rachel Corradetti-Sargeant, ND a board-licensed naturopathic doctor for her top tips on keeping your family healthy this cold and flu season and she definitely delivered. How Not to Get Sick Winter is coming. And with that lovely season comes the onslaught of colds and flus. We love our kids, but they are… [read more]

Creepy Crudité Contest!

The most exciting part of the Fall season has arrived – It’s Halloween! Kids & Company loves Halloween, almost as much as we love sharing the holiday with all of our kiddies and parents! To get your kiddies even more amped up for the trick or treat season, each year we have them participate in… [read more]

Why Should Children Exercise?

This is Part 2 of a 2 part blog series on the Importance of Physical Activity for Children. If you’d like, check out Part 1 here. What are the effects of physical inactivity in children? KYM: As we’ve learned, the “mind + body” connection is the secret sauce to physical literacy.  So, what happens when… [read more]

Cozy Recipes to Warm You Up This Fall

As the temperature continues to cool, I find myself turning away from the crisp, fresh salads of summer and craving something warm and heartier. Just the same way that we switch our wardrobes come fall, it’s beneficial to do the same for our food. It is thought that eating with the seasons is a way… [read more]