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It’s “Date Night”!

Dates are sweet. Dates go great with dinner. Dates are new and exciting. Dates are fun. The other fun thing is… we aren’t talking about a romantic evening between two but actually are discussing a small fruit that grows on trees! Dates are a new popular item among the food industry – especially in the… [read more]

Meet the Parents: Real Families Talk About the Journey of Parenting

With over 100 child care and early learning centres across Canada and the US, Kids & Company is partnered with a lot of parents and we are proud to be part of ‘The Village’ that it takes to raise children. Even though each child, parent and family is so unique, there are a number of… [read more]

The Pressures of the Bagged Lunch!

It’s just the beginning of the school year and your bagged lunch routine is already becoming repetitive. Your kiddies are getting bored with their soy butter and fruit spread sandwich, however it’s the most convenient option you know your kid’s will enjoy! You are stressing out because according to social media it should be a… [read more]

Easy Breezy Sheet Pan Recipes!

September can be very overwhelming!!! Getting in the swing of things at the beginning of the school year is tough since there are a million things going on! With the kids back to school, back to daycare and back to all their other activities – the family routine can be quite hectic. While trying to… [read more]

Back to School Ready!

As summer is coming to an end many of us are thinking about how to prepare for the new school year. The back to school sales are a reminder that school is just a few short weeks away! The first couple of days are filled of excitement and a little bit of chaos… or a… [read more]

We Ap-PEACH-iate You!

Did you know the whole month of August is national peach month? August is the perfect month to celebrate peaches because nothing says summer like biting into the perfect juicy peach and having the juice run down your face and arms. They may be a bit of a sticky mess but is it ever worth… [read more]

Feature Recipe: Kidco Kitchen Tex Mex Madness

Fork Facts: The word “Tex-Mex” first entered the English language as a nickname for the Texas Mexican Railway, chartered in southern Texas in 1875. In train schedules published in the newspapers of the 19th century the names of railroads were abbreviated…alias “Tex-Mex”. Palate Profile: Tex-Mex (from Texas and Mexico) is a fusion of Mexican and… [read more]

Corny Corn!

With the summer burning bright and hot, using the BBQ or grill is a great way to introduce new flavour into a meal and keep the heat out of the kitchen. Today we are going to talk about how to throw the best BBQ! A popular August menu item is fresh, sweet corn! Corn (also… [read more]

August Long Weekend – put the breaks on!!

It’s hard to believe we are almost half way through summer! The start of August reminds us that we need to cherish this last month of summer. August is also a cue for some of us to take a well-deserved break! Across Canada the first Monday of August is recognized as a public holiday. Even… [read more]

My o Mia – we love papayas!

This summer has been coming in hot – literally! Papaya’s also known as “tree melons” or pawpaws in Australia are a great tropical fruit to help refresh your family this hot summer. There are two types of papayas, Hawaiian and Mexican. The Hawaiian papayas are the most common and typically found in most supermarkets. The… [read more]