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What’s the deal with gut health?

After a long-weekend of indulgences, you may be thinking about your families and your own health. A few too many hot dogs, scoops of ice cream or handfuls of chips may leave you with some unpleasant effects in your tummy. A poor diet can cause good bacteria in our gut to go out-of-wack. An imbalance… [read more]

Easy and Kid-Friendly Road Trip Snacks!

If you’re Canadian, you likely have something on your mind. I know I do…. The long weekend! It’s finally (almost) here! Many Canadians take this long weekend as an opportunity to drive to the lake or cottage, go camping, or take a road trip somewhere new with their family. As you likely know, travelling in… [read more]

Ripe for the Picking!

In the summer months, you don’t have to travel very far to buy local berries because they grow in every Canadian province and U.S state! My family and I always count down the days to when we can get our hands on these juicy, delicious treats.  Hand-picking berries or other fruits is a wonderful (and… [read more]

How to Introduce the Concept of Money to Children

I had the opportunity to interview the lovely and wise Lesley-Anne Scorgie on how to introduce the concept of money to children. Lesley-Anne is a best-selling author, speaker, soon-to-be mother and well-known financial guru. We began our discussion speaking about what age children start to understand the concept of money. Lesley-Anne mentioned her own experience… [read more]

Decrease your Waste in the Kitchen!

It’s without a doubt that the kitchen is the biggest waste producer in most households. Between food waste and packaging, there is a ton of garbage that comes from the kitchen. It’s estimated that more than half of the food produced in Canada is lost or wasted, which is almost $2,000 of food wasted per… [read more]

DIY Superfood Popsicles

Superfood is a word you likely hear quite a lot. Although there’s a ton of buzz around superfoods, there’s also some confusion. What exactly is a superfood? What makes them so super? Should my children be eating these foods every day? Alright … let’s start at the beginning. What is a superfood? While there is… [read more]

What is STEM learning and does my child need it?

   We are currently expecting our fourth and the one major insight I have after seven years of parenting is this: kids, like real people, are all very different. Our three kids have vastly different personalities, interests, skills and needs. I’ve been surprised at how uniquely we need to structure their routines, boundaries and education… [read more]

Prohibiting Food and Beverage Marketing to Children

As parents and caregivers, we know this scenario all too well. You bring children to the grocery store and they flock to the sugar-filled cereals featuring Spongebob Squarepants or any of-the-moment caricature. They are familiar with these characters and food items as they’re bombarded with advertisements throughout their day. Marketers know the power children have… [read more]

Canada, Eh?

It’s almost that time! Canada turns another year older…152 years never looked so good. Our wonderful country is made up of many cultures, histories and…climates, I mean only Canada would have 25 cm of snow on the first week of summer! (We hope Alberta is holding in there.) This weekend is dedicated time to celebrate… [read more]

Socialization: What to Expect at Different Ages

As Early Childhood Educators, we hear it all too often…I’m worried about my child. Why don’t they play with the other children? Are they having trouble making friends? I wonder if they don’t like the other children. How come my child plays all by themselves? It’s not uncommon to have these concerns as socialization is… [read more]