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2014 Family Events!

Kids & Company is getting ready for its 2014 Events season.  This year we are looking forward to exploring new venues, meeting new friends and having fun!  We have finished planning our 2014 events and they will soon all be listed on our website under the “Parents” tab.  Please keep an eye out for events… [read more]

Navigating the Journey

I have lived and continue to live, an incredible life for which I am truly grateful and one of my greatest gifts is my two kids. They are 21 and 19 now and away at university. They have given me the opportunity to explore motherhood, (for which I am no expert) but they have always… [read more]

What are your Family’s New Year’s Resolutions?

Let me first start this by wishing all of our Kids & Company families a Happy New Year! I hope you all have had a wonderful start to 2014! I had a lovely time ringing in a New Year with my family and I hope you did as well. 2014 is sure to bring an… [read more]

Treat Yourself – Hot Apple Cider!

Toronto is covered in snow! These past few days have consisted of many snow flurries. I’m sure many of our Kids & Company families have been braving the winter weather we have been receiving all over the country. Driving around my neighbourhood, I see many little snow families being built on the front lawns of… [read more]

Safety First: What does safe sleep look like?

Sleep seems to be one of the most important concerns for new parents.  With my eight children, I found that they were all different and their sleep patterns were very similar to their personalities. The temperamental ones had difficulty sleeping and are still a little difficult to deal with!  If you watch your baby closely… [read more]

Products the Kidco Kitchen Loves: Beware Bandits™ Wristbands

One of our Site Directors at a Toronto, Ontario location (thanks Jessica!) recently brought to my attention a great product now available to help with allergy awareness. Working specifically with the menu development in our centres across the country, I have to be aware of many different types of food allergies and restrictions for children. Allergy… [read more]

Super Grain Quinoa

The Holiday Season is upon us Kids & Company. With the New Year just a month away, I have been looking back on all of the interesting health food trends that have come about. Quinoa has become a very popular grain over the past couple of years and seems to be popping up on menus… [read more]

mini mioche!

I was so pleased when my daughter-in-law introduced me to mini mioche. She loves the fact that their clothing is organic, eco-friendly and made in Canada! In conjunction with mini mioche we are able to offer an amazing opportunity for our Kids & Company families. Please read below for a quick overview of this cool Canadian… [read more]

Getting your little ones to sleep…easier said than done!

As I read the excerpt below from our experts at Wholeplay, I can verify from personal experience that every child has their own unique sleeping habits and interest in sleep. Some children are naturally good sleepers while others often feel like they might miss out on something hence they only allow their body to have… [read more]

Bountiful Beef Barley Soup

We’re almost at the end of November and it is starting to feel like winter. Here in Toronto, we had our first dusting of snow the other day. I’ve started wearing my winter jacket too! It is chilly. While I realize it’s not officially winter yet, this cold weather has me thinking. I’m looking forward… [read more]