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The Benefits of Reading with Your Children

August 9th marks Book Lovers Day, a perfect opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading with our children. Reading with children goes beyond entertainment; it brings forth numerous benefits that contribute to their cognitive and social development. At Kids & Company, we absolutely identify as book lovers. Read on for some reasons why.  

Reading Helps to Build Strong Bonds

Reading together creates a unique bonding experience that allows for quality time, meaningful interactions and open discussions. Having an older sibling or cousin read to your child is a fantastic opportunity to encourage social development.


Reading Fosters Language and Communication Skills

Reading aloud with children enhances their language and communication skills through exposure to a broad range of vocabulary, as well as situations beyond their everyday encounters. Try discussing a book with your child once you’ve finished reading the story. It gives them an opportunity to develop their communication skills and also helps with their cognitive development as well, including building critical thinking skills  and analytical abilities.


Reading Sparks Imagination and Curiosity

Books have the magical ability to transport readers to different worlds and time periods.The same is true for children; reading sparks their imagination, creativity, and curiosity.  It’s a great way to introduce new topics, or to help prepare them for new experiences.


Reading Promotes Cultural Awareness and Empathy

Through reading, children can explore the lives and experiences of characters from backgrounds and cultures that are different from their own, promoting cultural awareness and empathy. 

And on that note, today also marks International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples. We encourage you to check out our reading list that honours Indigenous Peoples, here. Sharing stories of diverse cultures  with young children can help to break down stereotypes and build respect for others. 


Reading at a Young Age Instil a Love for Lifelong Learning

Fostering a love for reading in children encourages a lifelong passion for learning. As they grow, they will continue to seek knowledge and information through various literary sources, helping them stay informed and engaged with their world.


There are so many reasons to love books and reading, and we are glad a special day was created in celebration!  

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At Kids & Company, we fully embrace the identity of book lovers. Our passion for books translates to our Kidco Lending Libraries initiative - small house-shaped lending libraries situated at the entrance of some of our locations. This initiative was started to carry the love of reading beyond the classroom. We hope you’ve been inspired to do the same!

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