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5 Books to Engage Children in STREAM Learning 

In Kids & Company classrooms, we follow an emergent or cue-based approach to learning that allows children to lead their own discoveries.  As early as Preschool, we introduce STREAM learning opportunities to encourage children to explore their world and start to develop their observational and critical thinking skills at a young age. You may have… [read more]

Calm & Confident Parenting: 5 Proven Tips to Manage and Reduce Overwhelming Emotions

As a parent, it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re running on fumes. Between the demands of parenthood, work, and household responsibilities, it can feel like there’s no end in sight. And sometimes, all that stress and pressure can boil over into what’s commonly known as “parental rage.” Parental rage is when you feel an… [read more]

5 Ways to Encourage Kindness

February was a month filled with love, friendship, and inclusivity. We celebrated Black History Month, Valentine’s Day, and Pink Shirt Day, all focused on the theme of kindness. As one of our core values, we believe that teaching children about being kind is crucial to creating a better and more inclusive world. Kindness isn’t just… [read more]

How to Prepare for Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings time is quickly approaching. Although the clock is shifting just one hour, this abrupt change can cause sleep disturbances for our children (and for us). If you finally got your child(ren) sleeping well, the idea of a time change might have you feeling a little overwhelmed as to what could come next.  The… [read more]

Five tips for helping your child achieve success

This blog was exclusively written for Kids & Company by Dr. Cassandra Chapman. Dr. Chapman holds a PhD in Cognitive Science of Language and is an experienced instructor at Brain Power Enrichment Programs. She has experience mentoring high-potential learners, leading them to achieve their full academic potential. She is  a proud mom of a toddler… [read more]

How to Celebrate Family Day with Loved Ones

Family day is almost here! For Kids & Company families in Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia, this day is set aside as a time to reflect on what’s most important – family — and celebrate with loved ones.  For those in the provinces of Manitoba and Nova Scotia, families will celebrate Louis Riel Day and… [read more]

What to Read this Black History Month (& Beyond)

February is Black History Month — a month dedicated to honoring the triumphs and struggles of Black people throughout history. In honour of this month, educators on our Diversity and Inclusion committee have put together a child-friendly reading list that celebrates the work of Black authors and illustrators. At Kids & Company, we continuously work… [read more]

A New Year, A New Sleep Routine: Tips for Healthy Sleep Habits

Watching your child sleep is often a moment of immense gratitude. Looking at their peaceful face and listening to their slow breathing reminds you of why you love being a parent. It may also have something to do with the fact you can take a breath from the chaos that occurs when they’re awake. For… [read more]

Back to Work: Transition

We asked moms and dads what they want to know about returning to work after a leave with little ones and they delivered! We broke all the questions we received into themes and have addressed them in this 11-part blog series on Back to Work in partnership with Mama Coach. Part 1/11: TRANSITIONING INTO CHILDCARE… [read more]

Tips for Hosting Holiday Dinners With Children

If you have children, you know that holiday dinners can be overwhelming – both when it comes to the planning and the execution. How do you engage children in the prep and keep them engaged (and seated) throughout the meal? Read on for our top tips for hosting holiday meals when you have children.  Tips… [read more]