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8 Kids?

Many people ask me if I know "where babies come from?" They ask me this because they are curious as to whether my husband and I actually planned to have 8 children.

The true answer is that I really wanted 10 children (and if you would like proof of this you can look at my West Hill Collegiate High School Yearbook, where it says that I want to have 10 children and become a lawyer). The lawyer part is another story...but for some amazing reason, I have always been baby crazy!

So my poor husband (we were very young and in love) married me anyway, knowing that I really did want to have 10 babies.

Here is what I think:

  •  Having babies is a young person’s game. I had my first in my early twenties and delivered number 8 just after I turned 33. Even 33 felt a little old and tired (but it was more likely due to the fact that it was child number 8).
  • Why did we stop short of 10? When I was pregnant with my 8th, we did feel “slightly” overwhelmed having seven children under 10 years old and the logistics of driving them to places (sports, play dates, school) was getting hectic! Afterwards we regretted stopping at 8 and wished that we had gone for 2 more...crazy I know!