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Dads can be awesome too.  Yes, it’s true.  While mom still rules, I would like to think that we dads are slowly getting our due.   In my own role with Kids & Co, and as one of the (rare) men in this still generally female-dominated world of childcare, my eyes have been opened even more to this shift in the role of the dad in 2014 and with these blog posts, I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts on a variety of topics (from my – a dad’s - point of view) and would love to hear your thoughts as well.

Now coincidentally, I just recently stumbled upon a very interesting, short online article which I think encapsulates this shift for many dads and the old perceptions we are still often trying to overcome…I think it’s a great and eye-opening read for any dad or mom:

Article Link: “Awesome Dad Styles Daughter’s Hair, Breaks Internet”


I think this article brings up a great question to ask ourselves – why, in 2014, does this picture stir up such controversy?

Now, as a dad who loves being actively involved in every aspect of my kids’ upbringing & lives I do relate to this article and feel that despite many being just as involved as our amazing wives in the day to day goings-on of our little ones (i.e. changing just as many diapers, sharing daycare drop off/pick up duties, participating in just as many imaginary tea parties….you get the idea), dads often still get relegated to, to use a sports metaphor for all my dads out there, the backup position on the bench.  We know mom is and will always be the starter, but we’d like a chance to be seen as a starter, too.

And there are lots of awesome dads out there…I see them every day.  When I go to swimming classes with my daughter, I run into dads doing the same.  When I go to get my kids’ hair cut, I run into more dads.  When I am at the grocery store, there they are – dads with kids in tow.  The dad’s role has evolved from when we were kids (or our parents were kids) and I think it’s hard to argue that the more involved we are, the better off our kids (and quite frankly, we, as men) are for it.

And P.S. - I too have been working very diligently on my hair styling skills for my 4 yr old daughter, not quite mom-quality yet but I’m getting there…;)



Scott Taylor, our Director of Marketing & Operations for Alberta, is a busy Calgary father of two (to Jainie & Joshua, 4 & 2) and these days can name more My Little Pony & Thomas the Tank Engine characters than any one grown man should be able to ;-) Scott can be reached at

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