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Happy Holidays!

As the Holiday season is in full swing, there's so much excitement in the air. Whether the holiday your family celebrates has already passed or is fast approaching (we're anticipating Christmas at our house!) it's a very hectic time for us all. We're busy with different parties every weekend and there's always something to bring. Our Chef Lisa has posted a few great holiday snack suggestions, which we've definitely done for our parties like fruit kabobs and cheese!


There's also all of the shopping that comes with the holidays. I've definitely become accustomed to sending different children out with a list or even shopping online. It's just so much easier with one click of a mouse to have the gift you child wanted to badly delivered to your front door! At Kids & Company we are so excited to have launched our online shop which gives you the opportunity to do some toy shopping AND have it delivered for free to your child care location. I was so eager to have this site ready for the holidays as I know being a busy mom means every little bit of ease in my life helps!


Our tradition is to open one gift in Christmas Eve and they get their holiday pyjamas. We've also started a new tradition where instead of gifts we do a small family trip, where we can spend quality time together as my husband and I feel that is the most important part of the season. As the kids get older, the magical feeling of Christmas slowly drifts away, but we're so excited to be expecting our first grand baby in the spring which means next Christmas will be SO fun!


The most important thing to remember is that the holidays are about sharing fun, food and laughs with your family and close friends and staying stress-free is key!


Check out our holiday card for 2012!


Holiday Card