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Spoonfuls of Soup!

There is something just perfect about warming up with a bowl of soup on a cold winter day. With such versatility, there is no way you can’t love soup! All of the winter vegetables in season make for some flavourful seasonal options that can’t be beat!

There is a reason that soup has been around for hundreds of years,used when food was scarce, adding various leftover ingredients into a pot and presto an instant meal accessible to everyone. Watery gruel is the likeliest origin of soup.The word “soup” probably derives from the bread over which this gruel was poured, called a “sop” or “sup.” Before this word came along, the concoction was called broth or pottage. To this day gruel remains a staple in some cultures.

I find soups are a fantastic way to sneak in lots of vegetables for your little ones. Whether blended into a creamy mixture or as a consommé (clear broth) vegetables always taste delicious in soup! Try adding veggies that your kids are unsure of to a soup and they might enjoy them when mixed with a tasty warm broth.

When cooking for your family, its all about simplicity! Soups are a great thing to serve because they keep well and they are a meal in themselves. Try making a soup containing protein such as beans or chicken, vegetables like squash and kale, and grains such as barely for a complete meal. Serve soups like these with a glass of milk and check off all four food groups! I love to cook a large batch of soup and keep extra portions in the freezer for quick dinners or a great lunch at the office on a cold day!

One of my favourite winter soups is butternut squash. Winter squash are usually harvested in the late summer and early fall so they are especially delicious at this time of year. There are lots of ways to make blended soups that are nice and creamy. You can choose to use dairy like milk or cream, blended nuts like cashews, or you can even use coconut milk! All of these options will make your soup rich and flavourful. You can always add special toppings like goat cheese and chives to make soup a dinner party worthy first course. At the Kidco Kitchen, we warm up your kiddies tummies with our butternut squash soup which is already certifiably delicious by your children.
Another lovely, classic soup is chicken or turkey noodle! The base of this soup is the leftover meat in your fridge that you are bound to have after entertaining over the holiday season. I love soups like this because they contain basic ingredients most people have on hand in the pantry! When my kids were younger they loved when I used alphabet noodles in their soup! Warm up this season to a delicious bowl of soup and enjoy the simplicity of dishing out this easy meal!

From our kitchen to yours…… Enjoy!

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Chef Lisa Ruscica

Chief Food Ambassador

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