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Travelling with Kids

Over the years, I have gone on countless trips with my family: weekends to the cottage, weeks away at all-inclusive resorts, and even the dreaded twenty-eight-hour-drive down to Florida for March Break. My children are in their teens and older now, but I have definitely learned a lot over the last twenty-seven years of planes,… [read more]

Kidco Kitchen is on the Move!

I’m continuing my way across the country launching the Kidco Kitchen. We launched the new menu last week in London, ON to some great reviews among the children. Over the next few months I will be travelling all over Canada to get this menu up and running. In every new launch city, I always schedule… [read more]

Kids & Company Introduces Family-Style Dining

I am back in Ontario this week after a wonderful week out West. Let me first take this opportunity to commend the amazing Vancouver Team. Chef Shelly, Chef Jenny and Sous Chef Sue are a dedicated group and a lot of fun to work with. The kitchens have been stocked with all new equipment giving… [read more]

Battling the Winter Boredom with some Outdoor Fun!

Up until now, we’ve been spoiled in Ontario with such a mild winter, but it hasn’t always been this way… And I’m sure many other provinces and cities are not as lucky as we’ve been. We have always battled the frigid winter months with family skiing. We started skiing as a family when our eldest was 3… [read more]

Launching the Kidco Kitchen Menu!

I cannot believe that the moment has arrived! I am out West this week at the Vancouver, Richmond and North Vancouver sites launching the new Kidco Kitchen menu! At the Kidco Kitchen we believe in “building healthy bodies and minds.” I have been creating this new menu since the summer, working closely with our dietitian,… [read more]

Start your New Year off right!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year celebration. The beginning of a new year brings new beginnings and lots of new resolutions. Is healthy eating and staying fit a part of your 2013 resolutions? Or maybe it’s been a part of the 2012 and 2011 resolutions as well but you really want to kick it into gear this year? Whatever your reasoning is for a healthier lifestyle, there really is no better time to give it a go!

Wrapping up the Holidays

I hope everyone had as lovely a Holiday as I did. It’s always so great to have all of the kids at home again, family over and everyone enjoying great food and company. It is so busy in our house right now, just like the good old days! There’s always a bit of a lull… [read more]

Have Fun with those Holiday Leftovers!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the wonderful holiday season. Whatever occasion you are celebrating, I’m sure we all have something in common, lots of delicious leftovers! I’ve attached some great soup recipes you can make using your holiday leftovers.   Turkey Soup This soup is the perfect way to use up some of that… [read more]

Happy Holidays!

As the Holiday season is in full swing, there’s so much excitement in the air. Whether the holiday your family celebrates has already passed or is fast approaching (we’re anticipating Christmas at our house!) it’s a very hectic time for us all. We’re busy with different parties every weekend and there’s always something to bring…. [read more]

Be prepared, this blog is pretty cheesy…

Who doesn’t LOVE cheese? I enjoy having cheese any time of day with just about anything. When I’m entertaining, I always have a variety of delicious cheeses, olives, a fresh baguette and yummy crackers on hand. The best part about cheese is that in moderation it is good for you too! Cheese is a great… [read more]