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Food Tips for Parents – Eating Healthy at Home or in the Office

Covid-19 has certainly changed the workplace for many, with no indication whether things will ever go back to our pre-pandemic “normal.” While some people have made the switch to remote working, there are some people who are slowly returning to the office. Regardless of what our workplace looks like, our health and nutrition is still a vital component to our everyday lives. Prioritizing our health sends a positive message to our very impressionable children. On behalf of the Kidco Kitchen, we are offering 3 tips for eating healthy while at the office and 3 tips for eating healthy while working from home.

3 Tips for Eating Healthy While at the Office

Going back to the office can be a difficult transition after we have become accustomed to staying home for so long. Luckily, we have provided you with a few tips to stay healthy as you transition back to eating at work. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an office meal/snack you were excited to break for? With the tips below, you will have the tools you need for a healthy and delicious office meal/snack.

1. Stock your desk pantry!

Having the right extras available in your desk, can make your meals from home that much tastier. I would suggest always having these close by while at the office:

• Sea Salt
• Vinegar
• Olive Oil
• Almonds
• Tuna
• Assorted Beans
• Hot Sauce
• A Loaf of a Whole-Grain Bread

The above items are great for salad dressings, snacks or just a punch in flavour. It also ensures you are skipping over the vending machines, or local cafeteria for your 3pm hunger pains. If it is possible, a Panini press at your office can transform any sandwich to an outstanding experience!

2. Prep Ahead of Time

It’s always best to prepare beforehand when making your work meals and snacks. Mornings can be anything but calm. Mornings were usually the busiest time in my household when the children were young (and still are). It was always a constant battle trying to get my children ready on-time, let alone myself! Driving one off to school and one off to child care, I never found the time in the morning to make myself a nutritious lunch to bring to work. By prepping ahead of time (weekends are my go-to prep time) you can portion out lunches for a quick grab-and-go selection in the morning. On Sunday’s I wash my salad greens, cut up my veggies and prepare my protein for the salads I take every day to work. The night before work, I only have to assemble the different components of my lunch — fast and easy!

3. No-Prep Meal Ideas

Sometimes, the easiest options can make the best meals. A baguette, cheese, assorted veggies, and your favourite protein topping are an easy, filling meal idea that takes little to no prep! It’s perfect for those mornings where you could use a couple extra minutes.

3 Tips for Eating Healthy While Working from Home

Working from home is another story because we face a different set of problems. We have access to a whole fridge, which means sometimes we find ourselves wandering into the kitchen a bit too often, or sometimes, work gets so busy we realize we never took a lunch break. In the comfort of our own home, with no one watching, it’s hard to stay on track with our healthy eating habits. The tips below will help ensure you are staying on course to a healthy and energy-filled lifestyle.

1. Don’t Buy Junk Food!

You can’t eat it if you don’t have it, right? Our first tip starts at the grocery store. When you are browsing the aisles, be cognizant of what you put in your cart. Check the ingredient list and nutrition facts before making your choice. Some good options to keep around your house to make sure you always have a healthy snack on-hand are:

• Organic Protein Bars
• Assortment of Nuts
• Rice Crisps
• Organic Fruit Snacks
• Fruits and Veggies
• Pita Chips and Hummus
• Organic Seaweed Sheets
• Yogurt Cups

You can even make your own … Try our pumpkin booster bite recipe! The above items should satisfy all your cravings, without being too heavy or expensive!

2. Drink Water

Drinking water is so important for overall health, but it is overlooked too often. Being at home, you may have access to endless cups of coffee, juice or fizzy drinks, that are full of sugar or caffeine. Try drinking AT LEAST a bottle of water a day. There are many options to make drinking water more enjoyable, such as seltzers or flavoured water. Give them a try!

3. Make Sure You Eat

It can be easy to forget to eat when working from home; if you need to, set an alarm or book time in your calendar so you don’t forget. Food gives you the energy you need to be productive and alert and eating should be a priority. Make sure you don’t eat your lunch while working — allot time to take a break and really enjoy your lunch and snacks. It will give you that boost you need to tackle the rest of your day!

We hope these tips help to make your office and home meals/snacks more enjoyable.


Chef Lisa Ruscica
Chief Food Ambassador

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