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Creepy Crudité Contest Winner!

Another year, another successful Creepy Crudité contest! Last week, throughout all of our locations, the kiddies celebrated Halloween by creating edible masterpieces with veggies and pita. This year’s submissions were the most creative and scariest ones yet!!! To view all of the Creepy Crudité photos click here to see the album on Facebook. Every year we have the tough decision of picking a winner, although if we could, we would choose all your kiddies amazing submissions as champions! With the help of all your likes on Facebook as well as the input of our Kidco Kitchen team, this year’s winner is ... MEADOWLARK!!!

Halloween scene made of vegetables

Thanks to all the sites for sending in your amazing submissions and for everybody’s hard work and efforts in making this years’ contest so fun!

Honourable mentions go out to:

Front Street for the Most Artistic

Maleficent character made out of vegetables

Chicago Harrison for the Most 3-Dimensional

Creepy creature made out of celery, cauliflower, pita

Airdrie for the Scariest Clown

Clown made out of pita, tomatoes, broccoli, corn

Britannia for the Cutest Skeleton

Skeleton made out of vegetables

It’s important to get your kiddies interested and excited about healthy foods, and our Creepy Crudité contest is our festive way of making that happen. We always incorporate a variety of colours, textures and flavours in our meals and snacks to make them visually appealing and extremely delicious for your little ones. I hope everyone had a safe, happy and delicious Halloween!

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Chef Lisa Ruscica

Chief Food Ambassador

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