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Food Safety in the Kidco Kitchens

At Kids & Company, ensuring our children thrive in a safe environment is our number one priority. Our children receive food service provided exclusively by the Kidco Kitchen, which are commissaries and satellite kitchens that are owned and operated by Kids & Company. In light of the recent E.Coli outbreak in Calgary, we are sharing our food safety policies and measures that help maintain healthy and sanitary kitchens at our child care locations so you can have peace of mind when your child is with us.

Food Temperature Control:

Proper temperature control helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, maintains the freshness of ingredients, and ensures that dishes are cooked and served at their best. Our Kidco Kitchen locations do the same by ensuring foods are heated to an internal temperature of 160°F/70°C for at least 15 seconds to effectively kill bacteria. Cold foods are kept at a temperature of 40°F/4°C.

Temperature Monitoring: 

Temperature monitoring is essential in a kitchen for several critical reasons, not only for food safety, but also for quality. Kidco Kitchen food temperatures are closely monitored at every step of the process. We check and record that temperatures are heated to the required temperature before leaving the kitchen, upon arrival at the childcare center, and right before food service.

Cross Contamination Prevention: 

Cross contamination occurs when harmful microorganisms, allergens, or contaminants from one food item are transferred to another, potentially leading to foodborne illnesses, allergic reactions, or other health hazards.  Kidco Kitchen eliminates cross-contamination by maintaining separate cutting boards, knives, and equipment for raw meats and produce.

Hand Hygiene: 

Having clean hands in the kitchen prevents the spread of illness, and maintains overall hygiene standards. Kidco Kitchen staff are trained to follow thorough handwashing procedures with soap and water before and after handling food and between handling different foods.


Sanitation is critical to ensuring food safety, maintaining cleanliness, and upholding health standards. Our countertops, equipment, and cookware are cleaned and disinfected meticulously between uses and at the end of each day. This routine ensures that all surfaces are free from harmful bacteria.

Food Sample Storage: 

We take and keep samples of our food, storing them for a week before discarding them. This practice allows us to track the safety of our food products over time and take immediate action if any issues arise.

Food Handlers Certificate: 

Kidco Kitchen is able to maintain high operational standards by having a staff member with their Food Handlers certificate at every kitchen and child care location. This certificate ensures that safety standards are consistent and enforced to the highest level.  

The health and safety of every child in our care are of paramount importance to us. We continuously monitor and update our policies to align with the highest standards of food safety. 

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