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Long, hot summer days are on the way and it is important for us all to remember to stay hydrated! More than half of our body weight is made up of water, and we have to replace what we lose! Hydration can be forgotten when your family is busy having fun in the sun. Dehydration can happen fast, especially with kids. Getting your kiddies to keep drinking can sometimes be tricky because they don’t love plain water, or maybe your little ones don’t tell you when they get thirsty. Kidco Kitchen has some great tips on how to keep your family hydrated this summer!

One great way to keep on top of hydration is to make healthy beverages a routine. Get your kids use to drinking a glass of water or milk with every meal and snack. Additionally, having your kids carry a water bottle through their daily activities can remind them to drink more often. Let your kiddies pick out their favourite cup, straw or water bottle so they drink lots all day long. Children are prone to dehydration because their bodies do not cool down as efficiently as adults’ bodies do. Remember that once your kiddie is feeling thirsty they might already be getting dehydrated, so prevention is key!

Though many kids prefer sugary drinks and will consume more of them than water, they should be avoided or limited. Many sports drinks can contain up to 10g of sugar/100mL which can have negative effects on children’s teeth and overall health. Additionally, be sure to avoid drinks containing caffeine. Beverages such as soda and iced tea act as a diuretic and although they may seem to quench your thirst, they actually make the body excrete water more rapidly than normal. Instead of these high sugar beverages, offer your children cold water infused with their favourite fruits! Infused waters are lower in sugar, pretty to look at and are still sweet and delicious. Try mixing flavours such as lemon and lime or strawberry and kiwi!

Another tip to keep your kids hydrated this summer is to offer hydrating snacks. In addition to drinking liquids, we can get tons of water from the delicious foods we eat! Fruits and vegetables are some of the highest moisture food options, some contain as much as 90% water. Some great hydrating fruits and vegetables include cucumber, watermelon and celery. Another great tip to keep your little ones hydrated is to make your own fruit popsicles. Store bought popsicles can be very high in sugar and fat. To make your own, simply blend together your kids’ favourite fruits and vegetables with some liquid, such as fruit juice or coconut water, and freeze in a popsicle mold! Avoid using plain water in the base of your popsicles to ensure your delicious snacks have a softer texture and aren’t hard like an ice cube. You can even try layering different combinations of fruits or adding slices of fruit to create a colourful fruit masterpiece!

Water is essential to keeping our bodies working well! It helps all of our body’s cells do their jobs, it keeps our skin glowing and flushes out bad toxins from your body. By working more water into your kids’ daily routine, you can be sure that they will be hydrated and happy while having fun in the sun!!

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Chef Lisa Ruscica
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