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Are you exploring early education and child care options for your child in the Liberty Village area? Here’s why you should consider Kids & Company: At Kids & Company, we use an emergent curriculum and learn through play philosophy. We’re very proud of our proprietary programs! They include Alpha-Mania (pre-literacy and early reading), Mini Masters (art), and Munchkinetics (movement) and are designed to engage our children in a learning process that encourages self-expression, creativity, coordination and most importantly, fun! We often hear children singing the Alpha-Mania theme song before the teacher even begins the lessons, a clear indication of their enthusiasm about learning through play. You’ll find sign language in our baby and toddler rooms, and all our children participate in music, French, science & exploration and creative play throughout our day.

More than just daycare, we offer flexible child care and superior early education to help families achieve a greater work-life balance.

Our Liberty Village location offers A STREAM preschool program (science, technology, reading, engineering, arts, math). In addition to our core pillars, the STREAM preschool program features an emphasis on STEM learning, a Montessori approach including observations of the child, individual liberties and preparation of the environment, and elements from Kids & Company standard curriculum including Mini Masters (artistry), Alpha-Mania (early literacy) and Munchkinetics programming (movement). Children suited for the program are those with curiosity about numbers, how things work, mechanics and construction, and a sense of independence and self-direction. Please click here to find out more.

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Our Centre Information


Liberty Village
1100 King St. W.
Toronto, Ontario, M6K 0C6

Contact Information

‭(416) 531-6222‬

Centre Hours

Monday to Friday, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Meet The Director

Hello, my name is  Logan Demolder and I am the Centre Director at Kids & Company Liberty Village. I graduated from Sheridan College in 2015 from the Early Childhood Education Program. I began working for Kids & Company in 2019 and have been in the child care field for over 12 years. 

I have always known I wanted to be an educator and work with children. My fiancé and I have twins; a boy and a girl aged 5 and a half. We love spending time as a family camping and in the pool!

What I love most about the Liberty Village centre is how welcoming and conveniently located it is for all of our families. I am very happy to be your Centre Director; I have never been given so many opportunities for professional growth and development.

I am a father, an uncle, a leader, a teacher, a supervisor and a source of support. My door is always open, and I encourage my families to share with me as I value honesty and direct communication. I take a lot of pride in knowing that I am giving my team the tools they need to succeed, and I am extremely confident in my team’s overall success. I want to deliver the highest possible standard of care for each and every single child and family. 

I think we have one of the most beautiful locations in Ontario. Our outdoor playground that’s located in the middle of the building is one of a kind. Our team is extremely strong, reliable and independent. Every one of us is working hard to ensure that our location is the safest, cleanest, and most enjoyable place for your children.  

Now that you know a bit more about me, I would love to meet you! I hope you come to visit our Liberty Village centre and see for yourself how Kids & Company can provide the right care and education for your child!

Logan Demolder

Programs Offered

  • Infants
    • day care center

      At Kids & Company, we work with your family to ensure that the transition is a smooth one. Before your child’s first day, we’ll provide information on what to expect. We’ll create an integration schedule that is right for your child and every day that your child is in the classroom, you’ll receive a daily report that lets you know how your child’s day was. You’ll also be able to see him or her on our in classroom web cameras. The Centre Director will even send you an email before the end of the day if your child has a special “wow” moment that day.

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  • Toddlers
    • Child learning with early childhood educator

      Toddlers learn best in the context of relationships within small groups. There are fewer distractions and children’s activities are more focused. In Kids & Company toddler classrooms, our small groups allow very young children to make connections, form caring relationships, and learn to understand other children.

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  • Preschool
    • child looking through a magnifying glass

      All two-year-olds examine everything they see, hear, feel and observe in an attempt to make sense of the world around them. In our preschool programs, Kids & Company teachers interact, observe and interpret the interests of preschool students to encourage further discoveries by planning activities and investigations that expand your child’s learning.

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  • Emergent Curriculum
    • STREAM preschool program at daycare

      The backbone of curriculum at Kids & Company is an emergent or cue-based approach that allows students to lead their own discoveries and learning. Emergent curriculum is a modern education philosophy that moves away from pre-set daily lesson plans in exchange for facilitating learning opportunities in thoughtful ways as children’s interests and skills are observed. It is the leading method for early childhood development in North America.   Educators must be well-trained to identify interests and build appropriate invitations to learn about the world through experimentation, art, imaginary play, music, literature, movement and more. Gently guiding with probing questions and encouraging the pursuit of ideas, teachers cover age-appropriate concepts in ways that spark curiosity and excitement in a child.

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  • Kindergarten Programs
    • high five

      Kids & Company runs comprehensive kindergarten programs designed for children who are 4 or 5 years old (junior and senior kindergarten age) to prepare them for Grade 1. Using emergent curriculum techniques to adapt to the children’s’ interests and skills, we set a foundation of early literacy, numeracy, artistry, and the construction of relationships and ideas. Kindergarten programs are integrated into full-time child care to provide convenience and continuity.

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