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Start your New Year off right!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year celebration. The beginning of a new year brings new beginnings and lots of new resolutions. Is healthy eating and staying fit a part of your 2013 resolutions? Or maybe it’s been a part of the 2012 and 2011 resolutions as well but you really want to kick it into gear this year? Whatever your reasoning is for a healthier lifestyle, there really is no better time to give it a go!

Wrapping up the Holidays

I hope everyone had as lovely a Holiday as I did. It’s always so great to have all of the kids at home again, family over and everyone enjoying great food and company. It is so busy in our house right now, just like the good old days! There’s always a bit of a lull… [read more]

Have Fun with those Holiday Leftovers!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the wonderful holiday season. Whatever occasion you are celebrating, I’m sure we all have something in common, lots of delicious leftovers! I’ve attached some great soup recipes you can make using your holiday leftovers.   Turkey Soup This soup is the perfect way to use up some of that… [read more]

Happy Holidays!

As the Holiday season is in full swing, there’s so much excitement in the air. Whether the holiday your family celebrates has already passed or is fast approaching (we’re anticipating Christmas at our house!) it’s a very hectic time for us all. We’re busy with different parties every weekend and there’s always something to bring…. [read more]

Be prepared, this blog is pretty cheesy…

Who doesn’t LOVE cheese? I enjoy having cheese any time of day with just about anything. When I’m entertaining, I always have a variety of delicious cheeses, olives, a fresh baguette and yummy crackers on hand. The best part about cheese is that in moderation it is good for you too! Cheese is a great… [read more]

Parenting Concierge!

As I parent, I was always searching for the right place to go for dance classes, basketball, hockey, prenatal classes, and so much more. Being annoyed with this as a parent myself, I decided here at Kids & company we’re going to do something about it! We are so excited to soon be launching a… [read more]

Rainbow Kebobs

With the winter weather upon us, our days have been a little grey. I thought we needed to add a punch of colour to our day. At a recent Kids & Company event we served Rainbow Fruit Kebobs and what a hit they were! These kebobs add a splash of colour to any food spread…. [read more]


Kids & Company, Canada’s  leading corporate sponsored child care company has set in motion preparations for a potential Ontario elementary school strike. We have rented additional space to accommodate the expected increase in need for corporate child care services as part of our guaranteed full-time, part-time as well as emergency back-up care to employees of our… [read more]

Creepy Crudité Results

On October 31st our sites were brimming with happy, excited children dressed in their Halloween costumes and enjoying a day of special activities. Nationally, Kids & Company hosted a “Creepy Crudité Competition” for our Staff to put together a fun creature using fruits and vegetables for the children’s afternoon snack. We had an overwhelming response and posted the amazing creatures on Facebook selecting a winner from the number of “likes” they received. I wanted to congratulate all the imaginative entries because the children LOVED their yummy healthy afternoon snacks.

Halloween Fun from Victoria!

When my children were younger, Halloween was one of their most anticipated holidays. From carving pumpkins, to making costumes and painting faces, we always had a fantastic time. Come Halloween night, I would usually volunteer to stay home with the youngest and hand out candy to the adorable trick-or-treaters, and my husband would take my brood around the neighbourhood to fill their pillowcases with treats. As much as my kids loved candy, I did my best to ensure that they did not overload on sugar. After they returned with their loot, we would sort through the piles to make sure everything was safe to eat. I would usually allow my kids to indulge on that first night, and their consumption was much more controlled in the days to follow.