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Let’s Talk About Siblings

Let’s talk about siblings. As mentioned in previous posts, Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman’s Nurtureshock discusses several topics that are of interest to most parents. Chapter 6 of the book dispels the idea that being an only child has detrimental effects on the development of social skills.

Is there such a thing as too much praise?

I do consider myself somewhat of a “parenting expert” and this is not just because I have 8 children, but also because many years ago (26 to be exact), I attended a 2-year parenting course called “Children the Challenge”. Since then, I have continued with reading and taking courses every year. While I do not always agree with what I read, I feel that the answer for parents is to read/learn and decide what makes sense for you.

8 Kids?

Many people ask me if I know “where babies come from?” They ask me this because they are curious as to whether my husband and I actually planned to have 8 children.

The true answer is that I really wanted 10 children (and if you would like proof of this you can look at my West Hill Collegiate High School Yearbook, where it says that I want to have 10 children and become a lawyer). The lawyer part is another story…but for some amazing reason, I have always been baby crazy!

So my poor husband (we were very young and in love) married me anyway, knowing that I really did want to have 10 babies.

Kids & Company Babysitting and Date Night!

Most people would agree that some solo adult time makes us better parents. Whether you choose to spend that time with our spouse/partner, with friends or alone, a bit of leisure time away from the kids helps us to recharge our batteries. It all sounds wonderful until you realize that…. you need to find a baby-sitter.

The challenge of finding a babysitter that you trust and you child likes may seem so daunting that you are tempted to cancel your plans. Don’t despair! There are a few steps you can take to make the process manageable – and maybe even enjoyable – for you and your children.

Mother’s Day – What I Don’t Want

Mother’s Day is around the corner and everyone is asking the moms what we want. I’m a simple gal and not particularly high maintenance in the gifts department. I don’t want flowers or jewelry for Mother’s Day or any other occasion really.

In fact, my perfect Mother’s Day gift would be doing without some things. For example, there are certain comments made by the general public that we mamas could do without. Mamas of biggie-sized families prefer not to be asked if we own a TV or suggestions that we should take up a hobby. Contrary to popular belief, we are not actually spending the majority of our time participating in baby-making activities. Another classic one – when I go out alone in the evening, I’d like people to stop asking who is taking care of the kids. There is this guy in their lives called their “father”. And no, he’s not “babysitting”. I checked in with Daddy-o and he has never been asked this question when out for the evening, yet I hear it constantly.

Kids & Company’s Munchkinetics

In March 2012, The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) and ParticipACTION released fitness and activity guidelines for 1-5 year olds. The great news is that children in Kids & Company centres meet or exceed the recommended activity level with several periods of indoor and outdoor playtime. As we discussed these guidelines, our conversations jumpstarted a plan to make sure our kids were experiencing multiple types of movements – like stability, locomotoion and object control – in a way that was fun, fresh, non-competitive and consistent. We also want to provide parents with resources to transition from preschool play to activities at home.

Come Sail Away

My kids are far from spoiled, and I myself had a wonderful upbringing, but every once in a while I look at their lives and say to myself “In my next life, I want to come back as one of MY OWN kids”.
It happened last week. We had cousins visiting from overseas and it was all kinds of crazy fun. After several late nights, I allowed them to sleep in and be late for school one morning. This is something I’ve never done before and certainly something my mother never allowed. If we wanted to stay up and party like it’s 1999, I can assure you my mother had us up bright and early to greet that first sunrise of 2000. That makes sense to me – why protect them from natural consequences? But I let them sleep in last week. That one time.

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Bragging on Facebook – Annoying or Acceptable?

A while ago, my friend Louise relayed that she was horrified to learn that a woman she knows “unfriends” people on Facebook who brag about their kids a lot. Louise explained that she loves sharing news about her children and also hearing about other people’s kiddos. While I couldn’t agree more, I completely get where her friend is coming from.

Cell Phones or No Cell Phones for Kids? That is the Question.

Parents often wonder what the appropriate age is to get a kid a cell phone. Some kids beg for one, claiming all their friends at school have them. Some parents feel it’s a safety thing – kids can get hold of them when necessary.
My three “biggies” are nine, eleven and twelve years old. While I can certainly think of times it would have been convenient for them to have cell phones, we haven’t gone there yet.