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Protein! Protein! Protein!

As many of you know we are now two months into our Nutritional Kidco Curriculum and we could not be more excited.  This week the kids are learning all about proteins; where they come from and what parts of the body these foods help! Protein helps grow and repair muscles as well our blood, skin and cartilage.  Our bodies do not store protein like they store fats so it is important to eat protein daily! Our protein intake levels should be decided based on our different shapes, sizes, ages and sexes!  ChooseMyPlate has a chart to show daily recommendations of protein needed for each individual based on these factors.

Proteins can come in all different shapes and sizes.  It can come from animals as well as plants! Meats, poultry, eggs, beans, soy products, seafood, nuts and seeds are the major food groups that contain protein.  Click here to see an extensive list of a variety of protein foods.




Help communicate the benefits of protein to your children!

Fun Facts on Protein:

  • Hair is made up of a protein called keratin, which forms a helical shape. This protein has sulfur bonds, and the more sulfur links it has, the curlier a person’s hair will be.
  • The protein in eggs is the highest quality of protein found in any food
  • Proteins grow, maintain, and replace the tissues in our bodies. Therefore our muscles, organs, and immune systems are mostly made of protein.
  • Protein is essential for life, it is crucial to all cells in the body playing a key role as enzymes in a cell. After water, protein is the most plentiful substance in the body.


    Chef Lisa Ruscica

    Chief Food Ambassador

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